Artur Policha

I was born (in 1966) in Poland where I studied History of Art (HBO).

Although I’ve lived in a number of places, including New York, London and Paris, this is the Netherlands that has always made my heart beat faster. Leiden for me was the love at the first sight, thus I settled here a couple of years ago. Probably the measure of my affection for Leiden can be the fact that during just a couple of years of my living here I have made 20 thousand photos of the city.

I’ve been into photography since I was 12, my father was my first teacher, this was obviously analogue photography. I respect very much those few who still work with analogue medium but for the last 20 years in my case it’s been only digital, it’s not only simpler and quicker but in my opinion also offers greater creative possibilities.

My work is very diverse – from art photography through landscapes, cityscapes, portraits, nudes to drone photography which I discovered quite recently.

I get inspiration not only from the work of other photographers but also painters, sculptors, cinema and music creators and maybe most importantly – from the beauty of the world we live in and from life itself..